Retirees are much too loyal to the company that employed them, ... When it comes to retirement savings, your first loyalty must be to yourself.

— Ed Slott, Financial Expert/Author/CPA

Life insurance is an asset class
that the wealthy love

The average retirement saver has been told to stay clear of life insurance as an investment. However, the wealthy have been using life insurance as a very important puzzle piece in their wealth building plan because of the following features:

  • Defer taxes as cash value accumulates
  • Access cash value on a tax-free basis with no penalties
  • Grow money as the stock market grows but never lose when it declines
  • Provide a tax-free death benefit for the people who depend on you

Our firm has embraced life insurance as a key asset class and important element in the retirement plans that we design and build for our clients. We invite you to review the video content here that features the leading experts on the topic.

Ed Slott, Financial Expert/Author/CPA

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