Life Insurance is like a parachute; if you don’t have it the first time you need it, there is no second chance.
— Luis A. Ortiz Haddock, Transamerica

proper protection is the foundation of any financial plan

Do you have your parachute, packed, tested and ready in the event of a serious, critical, chronic illness or worse?


Most people purchase life insurance to provide a legacy of financial security at the time of their death.  But doesn’t it make sense for the benefits to extend and be available for the difficult financial times they have to face if a chronic, critical or terminal illness precedes death?

The industry calls the benefit an “Accelerated Death Benefit Rider” –  we refer to it as real Living Benefits.

48% of Mortgage Foreclosures, 48% of All Business Failures, and 60%
of all bankruptcies are due to financial impact of critical illnesses!
— US Critical Illness INS Resource CR, 2012

What are the chances that you become seriously ill for an extended period of time in your lifetime?

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