Now You Can Help Families
with College Funding

In 2015, the average 4-year cost for a public university was $84,000 and a private college was $190,000 – per child. Today, a family can easily exceed $250,000 in college costs – for one child.

— College Board data (2015 through 2019)

Planning for college costs

Most families do not realize that there are two different prices for a college education – one for the informed buyer and one for the uninformed. Which price do you think they would prefer to pay?

Uninformed decisions, mistakes and missteps will drive up a family’s college costs. For example, most families do not know how to identify tuition discounts that are based on their student’s academic performance. Additionally, they are not aware of how their assets, including their home equity, are used against them when they apply for tuition discounts. Furthermore, how can a family plan to cover college expenses if they have more than one child in college at the same time?

How we help families

We offer a specialized college-planning capability that will help families become informed buyers of a college education, thereby helping to reduce their out-of-pocket college costs. With our service, a family can answer these vitally important questions:

  • Will we have to pay the school’s sticker price?
  • Which schools would attract my child with financial inducements?
  • Can we increase our financial aid eligibility?
  • Will we qualify for tax credits? Which ones?
  • Would test prep benefit our child?

How Can You Help A Family?

If you would like to help a family with high school aged children in your community figure out the college funding dilemma many face, use the form below to refer them for a complimentary, no obligation, consultation with us. The cost of this initial consultation is normally $150. However, we have a made a decision to waive this fee given the challenges our country has faced the last few years.