CPA Advantage Program

By broadening your relationships, expanding your services and providing the products your clients need to meet their goals and objectives, you’ll not only re-invigorate your practice and move beyond simply surviving, but you’ll also earn money unrelated to time–and that will make a world of difference for your practice.

— Allan Koltin, CEO, Koltin Consulting Group, LLC

Collaboration for the Client

Traditionally, financial advisors and accounting professionals have operated independently of one another, but today that is all changing. Both professionals are realizing just how valuable a resource the other can be. Consider what each brings to the table:

  • The accounting professional works with clients who want to grow and preserve their assets.
  • The financial advisor has access to the solutions and strategies that the CPA’s clients need to grow and preserve their assets

Growth through Partnership

As a CPA you have built a successful business based on hard work, knowledge, and dedication to serving the needs of your clients. When making important financial decisions, clients call you first. But are you confident that you are providing them with the best service possible?

CPAs we collaborate with have experienced the following:

  • Broadened practice to include products and services traditionally offered only by financial services companies
  • Increased revenue per customer
  • Remained current with changes in the marketplace

Join Us

You know better than anyone else that to remain profitable, you must consistently develop fresh sources of growth and income. We invite you to collaborate with our firm to better serve your clients with expanded financial services.

Schedule a meeting with us today to discuss what our collaboration would look like.

High Impact Strategies

Our firm recently helped a CPA's high net worth client reduce taxes with investment in natural resources. The client was able to deduct 80% of the original investment in year one.

The Split Dollar concept is one we work with our CPA partners on often. This concept allows their business owner clients to save for retirement that is funded with dollars from the business.

In March 2020 we witnessed the single largest drop in the Dow Jones Industrial in 11 years. However, our clients were shielded from losses via our income protection and growth strategies. That means they lost NOTHING.

Educational Insights