Planning for College Cost

As tuition costs continue to skyrocket, proper planning for your child's college expenses is becoming more and more important. Learn how a little planning can go a long way toward ensuring that your future college grad isn't buried in student loan debt by the time he or she starts a career.

Watch this short, fun, video to learn more.

head start program - Endow a Child for a Lifetime

If you would like to give your child a Head Start on the future, we are willing to talk through a powerful plan with you.

This is what our clients are saying about our Head Start Program for children and grandchildren:

I wanted to start something for my grandchildren that none of our parents or grandparents knew was possible. We talk about saving and life insurance but this really puts something in place for a lifetime of financial benefits. I wish I would have known about this for my kids. Savings, retirement, life insurance and living benefits are a great plan to have.
— Norman, Stone Mountain, GA, Small Business Owner
I began this program for my son because it is the most comprehensive program I have been able to find. His college education and insurance preparedness is top of mind for us. Thanks to Greg Carter and his team for making sure we were able to begin, what we feel, will be a lifetime of fiscal preparedness for our child.
— Clyde, Associate Pastor, Cumming, GA
I wanted to give my children the financial advantage I never had growing up. The Head Start Program appealed to me because it provides my children with a tax-advantaged retirement income, living benefits and permanent life insurance.
— LeMond, Small Business Owner, Stone Mountain, GA